ICT-KM of the CGIAR says “We came up with eight distinguished areas to consider during a blog evaluation (each link points to a more in depth article on my blog):


Photo Credit: Deaus Kubod

1. Ask questions: You can not evaluate someone’s blog, or even your own blog, without asking some fundamental questions to understand “the environment of the blog”: What is the purpose of the blog? What is the intended audience? What is the core content of the blog? What is the dynamic and what is the static content? How is the blog updated – by a single blogger or by a team, and will this change in the future?…

2. Check the numbers: Using basic statistics, we can analyze the traffic patterns on the blog to check who is actually visiting our blog. What is the key content people are interested in? Is there a trend over time on these figures?

3. First impression: First impressions are lasting impressions. While falling in love, and when visiting a blog… How does a first time visitor see the blog? Is this the impression we want the visitors to have?

4. The blog’s real estate:
A blog has limited space to present a mass of information. How is this space used? Are all the relevant parts visible?

5. Usability: How easy is it for a user to “use” the blog: to navigate, to find key content, related content to a post, …?

6. Speed: “I have a neeeeed for speeeed” said Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”. True for any blog! Is the blog optimized to download as fast as possible? How does one analyse the download speed, and identify potential bottlenecks?

7. Search engine optimization: Can search engines identify what your blog is all about? Do users find your blog on search engines? What can we optimize to ensure search engines crawlers properly index our key content?

8. Graphical presentation: While the French say “Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas” (“You can’t really argue about preferences in tastes and colours”), there are still some basic checks to be done, to ensure visitors appreciate the “look” of your blog”

via How to evaluate a blog | ICT-KM of the CGIAR.