Tongod is a district smack in the middle of Sabah. So if you point your finger at the middle of Sabah’s map, you got yourself the location of Tongod. Tongod consist of numerous small villages; Purutawai, Kiandongo, Sogo-Sogo, Tongodon, Talibu, Lilingkuon and so many other small villages. Most of the villages are located by the river banks, true to the nature of the native people, the Sungai (river). 

Photo Credit: Gaim James Lunkapis

I would not even try to estimate the population in Tongod in term of numbers as I am not well informed regarding that point. However, based on my personal observation, I would say that the majority of the population here are of the Sungai people. Besides that, there is also quite a number of people from the Mangkaak tribe and also the Dusun people. In addition to that, due to the current trend of huge companies ravishing the forest in pursuit of lands for oil palm plantation, don’t be surprised if you occasionally found yourself surrounded by illegal immigrants from East Timor, Philippines and Indonesia. In a way, Tongod can be considered as a melting pot of some sort.

If you are a Malaysian, chances are, you would be used to the kind of weather that we have in Tongod. Thus, I want to take this chance to inform you that despite being located right smack in the centre of Sabah, the climate are rather quite disappointing. The weather can be terribly hot during the midday and foggy cold hours before dawn. It was not really the kind of weather that you would first expect when you found yourself surrounded by hills and greeneries. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that a lot of the greens of the forest has been replaced by the greens of palm trees.

Within the last couple of years, a lot has improved in Tongod. The most apparent and prominently important improvement is the road. The road condition has changed so much that the journey that took almost three hours in the past has already been cut short to less than one hour. Besides that, we also have a fully functioning government health clinic (Klinik Kesihatan) with one dedicated doctor and a number of MA’s, nurses and staffs. As Tongod is a full district, it also has a District Office led by its very own District Officer. A Mini Post Office has also been built and is due to open soon. In addition to that, Tongod also has several Celcom Broadband Centres (Pusat Jalur Lebar) which provide a very good wireless internet connection to the people. Last but not least, for the past 3 months, Tongod has been blessed with the 24/ 7 electricity. Gone are the days of the generators.

via Thoughts from Tongod.