Ethnopedology –  is the study of local (indigenous) knowledge of soils.

The primary concept of ethnopedology could be explained by its etymology: ‘pedo’, from pedon, a Greek word meaning three-dimensional direction; ‘logy’, from logus, Greek, meaning study or knowledge; ‘ethno’, from ethos, Greek, meaning people or nation.

However, the primary implication of the term – study of the soil by a nation, does not agree with the interdisciplinary involved in the ethnopedological study. Especially, when the ethnopedology is applied as the base method for projects for local and participant development. These studies must bring about cultural nuances, ambient, their interaction and the perpetuation of the acquired knowledge, about the environment where a given group is inserted, generation after generation.

via Ethnopedology – Stratification of the Environment in a Vernacular Concept: the Aikewara People, Para (Br)..