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In 2008, The Last Nomads won the Grand Prize at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. This film highlights the work of activist and anthropologist Ian MacKenzie, who has worked with the traditionally nomadic Penan for two decades.

His search for the last nomadic Penan people highlights the destruction of the rainforests of Borneo, as well as the systematic destruction of traditional cultures. The Borneo Project is now able to make this film available to you to show in your home! The Last Nomads Tool Kit contains:

1 A copy of The Last Nomads

2 Recommendations for showing the film

3 Introduction to Borneo sheet also see presentation at

4 Borneo Project Materials including introductions to Borneo and to the Project.

5 Borneo Project donation envelopes and sign in sheets

Details of how to do this are also in your tool kit. To order a Last Nomads Toolkit, email Please include your address, and rough estimate of number of people you expect at your event.