Source:  Being Dusun: Local wisdom that has gone wrong.

Local wisdom that has gone wrongLabels: local wisdomBeen always wondering why the local communities in Sabah never could keep their areas clean from rubbish. Not only the Dusuns but also other indigenous communities.

Lately I begin to see that it’s because of their misplaced local wisdom. I’m talking about the natural composting knowledge they have always had. Before the era of plastic bags, everything was from nature, and the only way they disposed of rubbish was by throwing them on the ground to decompose.

When modernisation in terms of plastic materials came, naturally they couldn’t handle it well. What do I expect anyway: the great grandparents, grandparents and even some parents I’m talking about my generation didn’t have the chance to go to school and be educated about all these modern stuffs. And so the local wisdom went wrong, and up till now, it is not easy to correct.