Source: Insight Sabah – Land for the landless – Musa Aman’s stroke of genius.

Chief minister Musa Aman wants to give land to thousands of extremely poor landless native villagers. But he faces a dilemma: the land is sold for a song to smooth-talking businessmen as soon as his government has given it to them. The villagers leave their home to spend their money in towns. Having spent it all, they are poor and landless again as they are displaced by new landowners. His solution: his state government will give villagers thousands of hectares of agricultural land. They will get a communal title, the first in Malaysia, which gives them joint-ownership of the property. They can develop the land but cannot sell it. Their heirs can inherit it for as long as the lease lasts. In this way the villagers will prosper and get themselves out of the poverty trap.

On May 29, he gave 1,400 heads of families in Kampung Salarom Taka of Nabawan, about 125km from Kota Kinabalu, their first communal land title to 3,650 hectares (9,000 acres) of agricultural land. They represent more than 5,000 villagers.


The Publicity....

“This is the promise of the Barisan Nasional government to give land to our people,” Mr Musa said during a ceremony of the Juara Rakyat (people’s champion) programme of the Pensiangan division of United Malays National Organisation (Umno) where he handed the title to Nabawan’s district officer Bubudan Majalu who received it on the villagers’ behalf.

The Sabah Land Development Board (SLDB) and other government agencies will help villagers to grow export crops such as oil palms and rubber on it. The villagers will work on the land. The state agencies will manage it. And the villagers will earn most of the profits from the crops.

I say: State should have consulted the people on conditions attached to CT