Sandakan is really booming – development everywhere!
Main consideration for physical growth concerns with three possible development alternatives for Sandakan – “Satellite Growth”, “Linear Growth” or “Consolidated Growth” and the future development of BDC, previously a huge squatter settlement, but through our observation, seems like flourishing again – uncontrolled creeping squatters, possibly illegal. I can only conclude that spatial planning is more than techniques; it is often more of an art than a science. Many technical and other factors must be considered.
Although this is not my area of studies (more like Dr. Ubong), another important consideration for Sandakan is the need to promote Sandakan’s tourism potential as the gateway into the rich natural hinterland that included Sukau, Kinabatangan, the orangutan sanctuary at Sepilok and the Gomantong Caves.
My other observations are the concentration of diverse ethnic groups operating business in different areas and locations. This remains to be explored.

One of several main issues concerns the substantial projected population of over a million people by 2020 and the associated need to have a proper plan so that the Sandakan can accommodate this huge possible increase. Currently, the population is about 400,000. Exploring more today, Wednesday 23 November 2011
Writing and field working continue……….. hopefully we learn and enjoy ourselves in the process!