KOTA KINABALU: There have been some concerns that SEDIA had been deliberately excluding certain community in the award of SDC projects.In a statement yesterday, SEDIA said that it subscribes to the principles of good governance and has been very professional and transparent in the performance of its duties, including in the award of all SDC projects.

“We wish to clarify that all SDC projects are funded by the Federal Government under the development expenditure.“The awards of these projects are therefore subjected to stringent rules and procedures as stipulated in the Treasury Instructions laid out by the Federal Government,” it said.All SDC projects had been awarded through an open tender process.

Invitation to bid had been published in major local newspapers detailing specific requirements, it added.“The tender bidders were then subjected to a series of technical and financial evaluations by the various committees comprising members drawn from related government agencies. Only qualified bidders were shortlisted for the deliberation of SEDIA Tender Boards.”Members of the public are welcome to SEDIA office to obtain the name of successful contractors of all SDC projects at any time during office hours.“There is no truth in the allegations that certain communities had not benefitted from any SDC projects as can be seen from the list of successful contractors.“The public are also welcome to visit SEDIA’s website at http://www.sedia.com.my for the list of successful contractors for SDC projects.

“As a matter of facts, all communities had benefitted from SDC projects as evidenced not only from the list of contractors, but also from the list of consultants for SDC projects as well as projects under the Public-Private Partnership,” SEDIA further said.

SDC flagship projects such as the Keningau Integrated Livestock Centre, and Tongod, Pitas, Kemabong, Kota Belud and Beluran Agropolitan Projects have benefitted the poor of all communities, especially the KDM.“The records are all there for everyone to see, especially the communal title holders who are the main beneficiary of related agropolitan projects.“And certainly, most important of all is the fact that the Auditor General has given a clean bill of health to SEDIA financial records for two consecutive years: namely for 2009 and 2010.

“This is a testimony to the fact that in the exercise of its functions and fiduciary duties, SEDIA has adopted a high standard of professionalism, and complied with the principles of good governance as well as related laws and procedures as laid out by the government, especially under the Financial Procedure Act and Sabah Economic Development and Investment Authority Enactment,” it added.

via New Sabah Times.