By: Rabani Ayub : Seaweed Farmers, a photo from Sabah, East | TrekEarth

It was like, the resting place of all the types of disposable plastic bottles, dumped to the sea and found themselves drifting from all over this part of the ocean to this water, off Bodgaya Island, an island 90 minutes off Semporna.

In this water, especially off the western shore of Bodgaya Island and Tatagan Island, acres of floating and bobbing plastic bottles and other floatsams, denote the seaweed and agar agar farms.

Underneath each bobbing bottle, which is tied using nylon monofilament to another floatsam a meter away, tethered a 0.5mm nylon string on which seaweed seedling is planted, with harvesting every two months.

It takes around 9kg of wet seaweeds to make 1kg of sundried seaweeds. A kg of sundried seaweed fetches RM1.40 or USD0.40 bought by local buyers for exports.

Photographic wise, this photo was not taken at its best. Taken from a fast moving boat from a telephoto shot at 400mm, it was lucky at best. WIth the boat pitching at every instances whilst the subject getting further every second, it is great to have a good camera and lens ( 350D/Tamron 28-300mm XR LD) just to get this in.

But usually, a scenery worth taking is when, the situation is just that unfriendly to photography.