Today is a beautiful day outside – sunny and warm! A beautiful day to celebrate another year! Yes, it is my birthday! Thank you everyone who remembered my birthday! Each greeting really meant a lot to me and absolutely made my day.

Captured this morning – when i was about to leave… thanks Papaya…

Thanks to internet for making remembering people’s birthday and sending a greeting much easier! I’ll make it a point to check birthday celebrators on Facebook and to save them on my calendar.

Of course, thank you to my family who has always been there no matter what. I remember several years back while I was “busy” doing my PhD, Adeline played the role of both ‘mom and dad’ and ‘taxi mom’ between home and school for the two wonderful boys, Nathanial Ian and Nigel Adam. For about three years or so, I have neglected my role as dad and many a time we have expressed our feelings through ‘skype’ and ‘yahoo messenger’ and prayed, laughed and cried together, though we were miles apart. I have always treasured these love, affection and friendship with them. This message also goes especially to the two boys [whom are growing faster than i expected], remember, daddy will always be there for you.

Friends including FB friends though we have not met personally – thank you all very much for sweet pictures, comments, and messages.. it means a lot to me.. you all made me feel so special and loves. Thank you all and God bless you abundantly

Truly yours