Planning to escape? go into wilderness – The Borneo Camping ! – This site is proud to bring you some of the most exotic camping sites in North Borneo (Sabah, Malaysia). Borneo Camping sites are to be treasured and enjoyed. And there’s no better way to truly appreciate the unique environment of our camping sites than to spend time in them under canvas. Nested within the tropical rainforest ecosystem – the highest biodiversity on Earth, and coloured by the diverse culture of the indigenous Bornean will certainly make this amazing experience as one of the top journey of a lifetime.

While we are preparing most of our campsites for your future destination, we now offer you the top campsite in our list – the Hounon Campsite. Apart from its astounding location, the stunning view of the site and its surrounding has made the site a place not to be missed. Escape from the stresses of the hectic and routine life activities and immerse yourself with the aromas of the tropical green, the coldness of the highland weather, the touch of snowy mist, the view of the majestic Mt Kinabalu, the true brilliance of stars in deep night sky, and the memorable gathering of friends and family around a shared meal. When you camp there’s no rumble of traffic to keep you awake – only the wind in the trees and the sound of nocturnal creatures in the wilderness. There’s clean, fresh air you won’t find in the city and your senses, awakened by the wonder of the environment, will seem more alive than ever.

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