Scientia is open access full text paper database of peer-reviewed scientific literature. Scientia are e-only products focussed entirely on publishing high quality journal papers and conference proceedings.

Scientia enable fast dissemination of scientific and technical information, so journal editors / authors and conference delegates can publish their papers in dedicated online issues on Scientia, which are then made freely available worldwide.

The high quality journal papers and conference proceedings are accepted for publication in Scientia based on suitability and are required to meet certain criteria, including relevance to an international audience and covering highly cited or timely topics.

Scientia offer a single, highly recognized platform where journal and conference papers can be hosted and accessed by millions of researchers, enabling authors to keep abreast of the latest developments in their field. All high quality journal papers and conference proceedings will appear online, on Scientia, within 6 weeks of acceptance of the final manuscripts via journal editor and the conference organizer and will then be freely available to all users.

Scientia offer authors and conference organizers a fast and cost effective way to provide maximum exposure for their scientific papers.

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