Planning grant is a tool to assist in the development of full project proposals. Planning grants may be awarded to proposed projects which in the view of National Coordinator have a high likelihood of winning eventual approval of the National Steering Committee.

These planning grants generally average US$ 2,000 are designed to:

  • Help NGOs and CBOs to write better proposals by assessing and diagnosing problems more carefully, and
  • Assist NGOs and CBOs who lack resources and technical capacity, to hire external help in developing full project proposal.

Request for planning grants are made to the National Coordinator and should consist of a completed planning grant application form with attachments as deemed necessary by the applicant. The attached template should be used as a guide to develop planning grant proposals. At the discretion of National Coordinator, decision to award planning grant could also be made based on the concept paper, the precursor to the full project proposals.The maximum time allowed for completion of the project planning phase is three months. Process for awarding planning grant is as the same as for a regular full project. The grantee has to sign a MOA for the grant and fulfill prevailing SGP requirements for progress report submissions.

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