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Family Preparedness – List from Weather Channel

Help protect your family against potential weather disasters and emergency situations by compiling an emergency supply kit. The kit can be assembled over a five-month period on a weekly basis. Perishable items should be changed or replaced every six months.

Oh… and this is interesting about NASA and the 23,24 and 25 December 2012 – Watch HERE

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Bandar Limbang dan Ikan Tahai

Limbang terkenal dengan ikan tahai (ikan salai). Harga sekilo boleh mencecah RM22.00 atau 10 dolar Brunei. Adakah ia sedap dimakan? Bergantung kepada citarasa individu.

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Social Impact Assessment on Labuan Bridge?

KOTA KINABALU: 22 November 2012

Congratulation to Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin for making the government (Federal) to revisit their earlier decision on the Labuan-Menumbok bridge.

Another promise, another study ?

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin made a promise yesterday that decision will be made next year, after a comprehensive study, although one was already done by Universiti Malaya Sabah UMS costing RM5 million earlier.

The government appointed another consultant to conduct a study under the purview of the Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Ministry of which would only be ready next year.

My Say: RM5 Million is a lot of money, how much will the study cost this time around? Remember, this is taxpayers’ money

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Sarawak minister tells clean energy activists to ‘stop breathing’

A top minister in the Malaysian state of Sarawak has told activists campaigning for cleaner energy to ‘stop breathing’, reports The Borneo Post.

“I would like to throw a challenge at them critics on two fronts,” Land Development Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing told the newspaper.

“Firstly, please provide us with the best source of alternative power besides fossil fuel, and secondly, they have to stop breathing if they criticize just for the sake of criticizing.

“Masing was responding to the South-East Asia Renewable Energy People’s Assembly Searepa, a five-day conference that took place in neighboring Sabah. The conference concluded with a set of proposals to shift toward less damaging sources of energy. One of the recommendations was a halt to a series of large dams planned in Sarawak. Critics say the dams will displace thousands of people, flood vast areas of rainforest, and serve primarily as a vehicle for state corruption. The dams, which will cost tens of billions of dollars, will produce substantially more energy than Sarawak consumes.

“We understand that the 12 dams if developed fully will generate 20,000 megawatts in Sarawak. Based on media reports quoting leaders, Sarawak will have a surplus of electricity for many years now that there is power generated from the Bakun dam,” said SEAREPA Programme Coordinator Gabriel S. Wynn in a statement. “We also urge Tan Sri Masing to address the key concerns of the group as communicated through two declarations that had raised the impact of development projects on the people and ecosystems of Sarawak.”

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It is 11.11.12 today, one month away from 12.12.12. I searched the internet and found this plain and simple answer from friend at Yahoo Answer… please take a moment to read:

“However, there is some evidence for December 21st, 2012. This is the day that the Mayans have as the end of their calendar. It is also the day that the sun aligns with the center of the galaxy, which happens once every 25,800 years.

Quick astronomy/astrology lesson. An age is the period of time that the sun spends in the 1/12th of the sky associated with one of the 12 astrological signs. An age lasts 2,150 years. 12 2,150 = 25,800

Anyway, I don’t believe it will be the end of the world. I do believe that the gravitational forces may cause increased weather problems and earthquakes, and that these will get less intense after this date.

The reason I believe it actually means anything is that when the sun and moon are aligned with the earth twice a month, one where the moon is opposite the sun, and once where the moon is in line with the sun we get high tides.

So if we associate the sun/moon alignment to the sun/galaxy alignment, that means that every six ages Or once every 12,400 years there will be major upheavals.So, we need to look at what happened in 10,000 BC.

The Ice Age was at it’s peak. Coincidence? Very probably.

Nevertheless, I do not think that the weather is likely to get much worse than it is now. It is only 3 1/2 years away. Relating this to the high tide/moon example, we are 6 minutes before high tide.

Overall, it’s going to be at worst really bad weather for a year or two, then things will get better.

Source: Yahoo! Answers.

Fakultas Geografi | Universitas Gadjah Mada

Pada tahun 1950, Fakultas Geografi UGM awalnya merupakan salah satu jurusan pada Fakultas Sasta, Paedogogik dan Filsafat UGM, yaitu Jurusan Ilmu Bumi. Pada tahun 1956 Fakultas ini diubah menjadi Fakultas Sastra dan Kebudayaan UGM. Waktu itu Jurusan Ilmu Bumi. Berkembang dengan pesat. Peran pakar Ilmu Bumi semakin nyata dalam pembangunan dan semakin luas kiprahnya, hingga akhirnya Fakultas Sastra dan Kebudayaan UGM merelakan Jurusan Ilmu Bumi berubah menjadi Fakultas Geografi UGM (1 September 1963 dan seterusnya diperingati sebagai lahirnya fakultas ini). Pada saat dibuka, fakultas ini memiliki dua jurusan (Prodi), yaitu Jurusan Geografi Fisik dan Jurusan Geografi Manusia.

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MORE ABOUT “Lambert Academic Publishing”

This is my self investigation into Lamberth Academic Publishing before publishing my works. My initial conclusions are that I will publish my Master’s Thesis with them. As for my PhD thesis. will wait after sometime as other publishers are also interested…. read the following quote and more on the attached link

“I think there is nothing wrong with Lambert. They just seem to have found a good market approach. Any thesis either PhD or MSc represents a piece of work that has already extensively been reviewed by a university or other institution granting the degree.

Lambert’s assumption that such a thesis does not require another, editorial review is, therefore, correct. OK, not all universities of the world represent the highest scientific level, but so do not all publisher’s editorial staffs. I personally have more confidence in universities than in publishers in this matter.

What Lambert does, is even freeing the prospective authors from publishers’ interference in the nature of their messages, which in some cases not all of course can improve the quality of those messages. Hold on Lambert!

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