This is my self investigation into Lamberth Academic Publishing before publishing my works. My initial conclusions are that I will publish my Master’s Thesis with them. As for my PhD thesis. will wait after sometime as other publishers are also interested…. read the following quote and more on the attached link

“I think there is nothing wrong with Lambert. They just seem to have found a good market approach. Any thesis either PhD or MSc represents a piece of work that has already extensively been reviewed by a university or other institution granting the degree.

Lambert’s assumption that such a thesis does not require another, editorial review is, therefore, correct. OK, not all universities of the world represent the highest scientific level, but so do not all publisher’s editorial staffs. I personally have more confidence in universities than in publishers in this matter.

What Lambert does, is even freeing the prospective authors from publishers’ interference in the nature of their messages, which in some cases not all of course can improve the quality of those messages. Hold on Lambert!

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