As part of the regulatory application process, a study was undertaken to understand how the proposed Mackenzie Gas Project might affect the social and economic well-being and the way of life of northern communities.Communities in the Northwest Territories

The Socio-economic Impact Assessment SEIA identified the Project’s economic, social, community, and cultural effects and recommended ways to optimize beneficial effects and minimize adverse effects.Public input and traditional knowledge were an important part of this assessment.

A socio-economic effects monitoring plan will be implemented to evaluate how accurately the SEIA identified project effects and how well the effects are being managed.Thirty communities are part of the study. They were chosen because they: Are within 200 kilometres of the proposed major facilities and have a direct historic, cultural or economic link to the project area Have areas used for traditional activities, such as hunting or trapping, that could be directly affected by the project facilities or operations

Have populations that could provide many employees for construction or operations jobs Might experience an increase in traffic from construction-related vehicles Might service the construction or operations phase of the Project.

via Socio-Economic Studies Mackenzie Natural Gas Pipeline Project Group.