This is a controversial topic, and many scientists still argue over the truth behind this “peasant knowledge”. However detailed studies in Colombia show remarkable differences with untreated bamboo, when harvested at specific hours and moon phases. The starch content is lowest between waning gibbous and last quarter between the 6th and 8th day after full moon due to the higher gravitation of the moon.On the basis of photosynthesis, in the course of the morning, bamboo starts transporting starch from the roots into the leaves.

During the height of the day this process is at its peak making this the least ideal time of day to harvest. Therefore the best time to harvest bamboo, is before sunrise between 12pm and 6am, when most of the starch is still in the roots.Bamboo harvested in this manner has 3 advantages: they are less attractive to insects, are less heavy to transport and will dry faster.

via When and How to Harvest Bamboo — Guadua Bamboo.