Community ownership

Works with Indigenous communities that request  support to improve health, wellbeing and self-sufficiency. Not solicit for project work. Main role is to support communities in their own initiatives, with skills and resources not usually available. Shall advocate for community leadership, participation and ownership.


Helps connect and strengthen relationships and local resources that are integral in community and human development. These relationships can be between community members, government, businesses, and non-government organisations. Appointed  Community Development Officers and volunteers work in the field to build meaningful and respectful relationships with communities.

Asset-Based development

Takes an ‘asset’ rather than ‘deficit’ approach to development. Work with communities to enable them to recognise and develop their existing skills, resources and knowledge.

Long term sustainability

Many challenges communities face are complex, trans-generational and take time to address. Facilitate long term commitments when partnering with communities, which may involve developing multiple projects over many years. Each activity is designed to ensure it meets long term, overarching objectives of the community.

Reconciliation in action

Connects Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, providing a platform to share cultural knowledge and skills. The projects promote two-way cultural understanding and respect.

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