Community conservation in Sabah Malaysia occurs at different levels of intensity. Active participation, a conservation approach that gives power and responsibilities back to local communities, is a core element of Indigenous Community and Conserved Areas ICCAs.

The Sabah ICCA Review: A review of Indigenous Peoples’ and Community Conserved Areas in Sabah states that the concept of ICCAs is second nature to most ethnic communities in Sabah, and takes on a variety of forms.

We continue to support community conservation in two of the eight communities highlighted in the Review – the communities of Bundu Tuhan in Ranau and Ulu Papar in Penampang. Faced with diverse threats including plans for the development of a mega-dam that would flood Ulu Papar villages and destroy their history, biological and cultural diversity, and, protected area regulations that do not recognise indigenous governance of community forests in Bundu Tuhan, both communities have been working closely with a consortium of partners to protect the areas they call home

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