Highland Titles Conservation Community

The Highland Titles community is a thriving hub of like-minded landowners. The cost of the management of our Nature Reserve in Appin is fully funded out of the profits we make from our land sales. Visit Glencoe in 2014! Check out the photographs of our first Gathering at Glencoe House in 2013. We organise woodland walks, post photographs of the local landscape on our awesome Facebook page and have a Facebook game that allows you to earn land just by playing! Manage and grow your virtual estate online and redeem your spend on our website – simple!

Can I Buy a Title?

No, you cannot simply ‘buy a title’.  Subject to good faith, you may adopt any name or title that you choose but only Scottish landowners can call honestly themselves Lairds.  You should be wary if you come across a website offering titles for sale. Highland Titles is a reputable company and we wish to distance ourselves from those websites claiming to ‘sell titles’.

We sell plots of land in Scotland, and our customers are free to adopt the titles of Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe if they choose to do so. These are descriptive titles that simply replace the title of Mr, Mrs or Miss that you already use.

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