This is blog is about three important issues:

  1. Land Use;
  2. Natural Resources; and
  3. Community and Governance.

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In theory, land use and natural resources (LUNaR) governance relates to prudent exercise of economic, political and administrative power in the management of the resource endowment of a state. It is practiced through mechanisms, processes and institutions, through which the state, citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate their differences. In reality, state LUNaR systems of governance remain antagonistic to some, especially to minorities such as Indigenous or ethnic interests, with the consequence that decisions are contested, outcomes are uncertain and alternative governance systems rooted in ‘tradition’, ‘opposition’ or the raw exercise of power are pursued.

We dedicate this blog to further understand politics that are affecting LUNaR governance especially within the LUNaR Interface system where decisions and arguments take place and eventually shape the future directions of  LUNaR governance.

Regular contributors of this blog are:

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If you are interested to contribute and like to be part of any issues raised in this blog, please kindly write to us. Thanks!