Expanding the concept of natural resource management (NRM), this blog critically examined the state of land use and natural resources (LUNaR) governance. From time to time, we may further engage in some theoretical discourse within the context of knowledge-power and communicative action which explore the interface systems of LUNaR governance. We will further advocate that community mapping, social impact assessment and other social sciences tools are necessary as practical means to mediate the negotiation process towards (re)framing ‘good systems’ of LUNaR governance.

Although NRM as an acronym is significant and meaningful to the body of knowledge and discipline of Natural Resources Management. We wish to further add to this ongoing debate by incorporating the word “land use” simply because technocratic agencies have the power to award “new land use” regardless of conditions and naturally occurring resources. Thus, Land Use and Natural Resources (LUNaR) governance adds further scholarly discussion and debate on the consequences of “good and bad” executions of LUNaR governance which so far are not adequately addressed in the field of NRM.