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Planning Grants

Planning grant is a tool to assist in the development of full project proposals. Planning grants may be awarded to proposed projects which in the view of National Coordinator have a high likelihood of winning eventual approval of the National Steering Committee.

These planning grants generally average US$ 2,000 are designed to:

  • Help NGOs and CBOs to write better proposals by assessing and diagnosing problems more carefully, and
  • Assist NGOs and CBOs who lack resources and technical capacity, to hire external help in developing full project proposal.

Request for planning grants are made to the National Coordinator and should consist of a completed planning grant application form with attachments as deemed necessary by the applicant. The attached template should be used as a guide to develop planning grant proposals. At the discretion of National Coordinator, decision to award planning grant could also be made based on the concept paper, the precursor to the full project proposals.The maximum time allowed for completion of the project planning phase is three months. Process for awarding planning grant is as the same as for a regular full project. The grantee has to sign a MOA for the grant and fulfill prevailing SGP requirements for progress report submissions.

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The Ulu Papar Project

This project empowers 30 community researchers to participate in preserving their biocultural heritage. Initiatives will strengthen their defense against competing global priorities for resources, defending their rights as original inhabitants of their ancestral domains. The project supports community-based initiatives: documentation of oath stones and other cultural heritage sites in Ulu Papar, and development of cultural tourism to enhance conservation of community forests in Bundu Tuhan.

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WASET – World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology | Conference & Event Listings, Online Abstract & Paper Submission, Open Access Journals & Conference Proceedings

SCIENTIA is open access full text paper database of peer-reviewed scientific literature. Scientia are e-only products focussed entirely on publishing high quality journal papers and conference proceedings. Scientia enable fast dissemination of scientific and technical information, so journal editors / authors and conference delegates can publish their papers in dedicated online issues on Scientia, which are then made freely available worldwide.

The high quality journal papers and conference proceedings are accepted for publication in Scientia based on suitability and are required to meet certain criteria, including relevance to an international audience and covering highly cited or timely topics.

Scientia offer a single, highly recognized platform where journal and conference papers can be hosted and accessed by millions of researchers, enabling authors to keep abreast of the latest developments in their field. All high quality journal papers and conference proceedings will appear online, on Scientia, within 6 weeks of acceptance of the final manuscripts via journal editor and the conference organizer and will then be freely available to all users. Scientia offer authors and conference organizers a fast and cost effective way to provide maximum exposure for their scientific papers.

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Contoh Borang: Muat turun di

This is a good read :


1. Pengenalan


Pernyataan masalah


Skop kajian

(untuk cadangan penyelidikan  – sentuh mengenai Metode, jangkaan dapatan/hasil)

Perbincangan dan Gambaran menyeluruh

2. Sorotan literatur


Literatur yang berkaitan


3. Metodology


Metod kajian

Kajian kes dan kajian lapangan

Dapatan awal


4. Dapatan



Hasil pembelajaran dan permasalahan



5. Analisis/Perbincangan dan Pentup






Gunakan konvensyen rujukan yang tepat


Maklumat untuk Gambar Rajah hendaklah ditulis di sebelah bawah

Maklumat untuk Jadual hendaklah ditulis di sebelah atas